Poké Ball Plus LED and Vibration Behave Erratically While in Play With Pokémon Mode


While using Poké Ball Plus in Play with Pokémon mode, the LED will flash randomly or the accessory vibration and sound will go off unexpectedly.

Additional Information:

If you use Poké Ball Plus in Play with Pokémon mode for approximately an hour while the remaining battery charge is low, the LED, the sound, or the vibration may behave erratically before the battery charge runs out.

What to Do:

  1. Exit Play with Pokémon mode by pressing the Top Button once. This will allow Poké Ball Plus to properly determine the remaining battery charge and avoid erratic behavior.

  2. Allow Poké Ball Plus to charge before continuing to use it.

Situation Not Resolved:

If you would like further assistance with the Poké Ball Plus, please contact Nintendo Customer Service.