Notice Regarding Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool

On June 7, Nintendo has released "Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool" (hereinafter "Tool"), which gives Nintendo DSi(TM) and Nintendo DSi(TM) XL owners the ability to easily transfer most of their previously purchased Nintendo DSiWare(TM) games to their new Nintendo 3DS(TM) systems. The Tool is essential for this transfer process and is available for download from the Nintendo DSi Shop for free.

However, customers may have experienced a problem whereby the Tool could not be located on their consoles after it had been downloaded, preventing users from performing the transfer. It was also not possible for the Tool to be downloaded again.

Nintendo would like to inform customers that the issue has since been identified and resolved. The Tool can now be re-downloaded for correct transfer operation. Users will be able to see a "Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool" icon on the DSi Menu, which appears without the gift wrap effect as seen on other DSiWare titles.Nintendo would like to apologise for the technical issue and any frustration or inconvenience customers may have experienced.