Nintendo Account E-Mail Verification Code is Missing One Digit


  • The e-mail verification code you received when setting up a Nintendo Account has 4 digits instead of 5 digits.


The e-mail you receive when setting up a Nintendo Account includes a 4-digit e-mail verification code. This code is entered on Nintendo's account page to complete the Nintendo Account creation process.

This is not the same code as the 5-digit confirmation code you can enter on a Nintendo Switch console to link a Nintendo Account to it.

Complete These Steps:

  1. First, access your PC or smart device and create a Nintendo Account:

    • If the "Verification code" field still appears at, enter the 4-digit verification code you received in the e-mail to complete the Nintendo Account creation process.

    • If that field no longer appears or you've closed the webpage, visit and follow these steps to create a new Nintendo Account.

      • The Nintendo Account is not created until you have entered the 4-digit verification code onto the website. If the webpage was closed before the code was entered, the Nintendo Account was not created and you will need to enter your information again.

      • You will receive a new 4-digit verification code as part of this process.

  2. Next, access your Nintendo Switch console and link the Nintendo Account:

    • Once you have created a Nintendo Account, link the Nintendo Account to your user account on the Nintendo Switch console.

      • Return to the HOME Menu on the Nintendo Switch console, then select "System Settings" → "Users" → your user account → "Link to a Nintendo Account" → "Sign In and Link" and enter your Nintendo Account sign-in information.

      • The 5-digit confirmation code is not needed to complete this process.

  3. Your Nintendo Account is now linked to your Nintendo Switch.