My controller is not responding properly. How do I know if the button configuration has been remapped or disabled?

Throughout different menus, a wrench icon will be displayed beside the controller in-use at the bottom-left corner of the system screen to indicate that there is a custom button configuration for one or more controllers. This means that one or more button inputs have been remapped or disabled.

Joy-Con Not Responding or Responding Incorrectly When Used Wirelessly - Image
  • Button Mapping: Joy-Con controllers attached to the system showing a wrench icon

  • Button Mapping: Joy-Con controllers detached from the system showing a wrench icon


  • If you don’t know or remember the custom configuration for your controller, you can set the system to sleep mode. Upon waking up the system, you’ll have the option to reset the controller inputs.

  • Prior to troubleshooting a controller, we strongly recommend you reset the button configuration to the standard inputs.