Miitomo end of service announcement

On May 9, 2018, Nintendo discontinued service for its Miitomo smart device app. Miitomo was Nintendo's first smart device app, and we are glad we were able to deliver this unique and fun experience to users. The development and operational know-how we cultivated through the Miitomo app can be applied to the development and operation of future smart device apps and games. We sincerely thank our fans for their support of Miitomo and all our apps, and we look forward to bringing you new experiences in the future.


Why are you terminating the Miitomo service at this time?

  • We see this app as accomplishing a portion of our goal of getting Nintendo IP (in this case, Mii characters) into the hands of consumers across a variety of environments worldwide. At the same time, we've seen the number of ongoing users for the app decrease.

  • We have decided to discontinue this service so that we can better optimise our operational resources across our entire smart device business.

When did the service end?

  • May 9, 2018. The app (including features such as Friend Suggestions and Miifoto image-sharing) cannot be used or downloaded after that date.

Was the Miitomo service discontinued in all regions?

  • Yes. The service was discontinued simultaneously worldwide.

Are you providing refunds for Miitomo Coins or Miitomo items?

  • No refunds will be provided. We announced the discontinuation of service well in advance to give players time to use any remaining game tickets or Miitomo Coins.

Can I still use my Miitomo Mii as my Nintendo Account avatar?

  • At the end of May, users who don’t own a dedicated Nintendo console or have a Nintendo Network ID can create a Mii character through their Nintendo Account settings and/or the My Nintendo website via a web browser. My Nintendo can be accessed by visiting my.nintendo.com.

  • If you linked your Nintendo Account to Miitomo before May 9 you can still use your Miitomo Mii as your Nintendo Account Mii. Its personality and other information do not carry over.

How can I use a Mii character created via Nintendo Account settings?

  • The Mii character will be displayed as the user’s Nintendo Account avatar, as well as in related applications like the Nintendo Switch parental controls and Super Mario Run.

How does the Nintendo Account Mii creation process work?

  • When this feature becomes available at the end of May 2018, users can create up to six Mii characters per each Nintendo Account. If Miitomo or a Nintendo Network ID is already linked to the Nintendo Account, the previously created Mii character will take up one of those slots.

  • Mii characters can be created, edited or deleted through the Nintendo Account settings.

  • This feature is compatible with web browsers on iOS, Android and PC.

Can I still use my Miitomo Platinum Points in My Nintendo?

  • My Nintendo members who have earned Platinum Points by playing Miitomo may still use these points to redeem select rewards on my.nintendo.com, even after the Miitomo service has ended. Remember, you can always check your points balance by signing in at my.nintendo.com.

  • Miitomo Platinum Points cannot be redeemed for a reward specific to a different Nintendo app.

How do I remove Miitomo from my smart device?

  • The process would be the same for deleting any app from your particular device.