microSD Card is Not Recognised

A microSD card is inserted in the Nintendo Switch console but it is not detected or cannot be read.

Complete These Steps:

  1. Power off the Nintendo Switch console.

    • If a microSD card is inserted or removed while the console is powered on or while in sleep mode, you will be prompted to restart the console.

    • To ensure proper use, always shut off the console before removing or inserting a microSD card.

  2. Remove the microSD card from the console and check for any dirt or debris either in the microSD card slot or on the microSD card connectors.

    • If there is visible contamination on either one, the microSD card may need to be replaced and the console will need to be sent in for repair.

  3. Verify that the microSD card is compatible with Nintendo Switch.

    • If the microSD card is not compatible with the console, replacing it with a compatible type may resolve the problem.

    • If the microSD card label indicates it is SDXC, reinsert the microSD card back into the console. Then power on Nintendo Switch and be sure to perform a system update.

      • The system menu version will not change after this update.

  4. If the microSD card is still not detected, it may need to be formatted.

    • Once formatted, the information on the microSD card cannot be recovered. If screenshots are stored on the microSD card, be sure to first back up the information on a computer.

    • If downloadable software was saved to the microSD card, it can be redownloaded using the same Nintendo Account where it was purchased.

  5. If after formatting the microSD card, it cannot be detected, the microSD card may need to be replaced.

Situation Not Resolved:

If multiple microSD cards cannot be read on the console, the console may need to be repaired.