Joy-Con Motion Controls Are Not Responding Correctly or Cannot Be Calibrated


  • The motion controls on the Joy-Con such as tilt or shake are not responding correctly.

  • You are unable to calibrate the motion controls on the Joy-Con.


The Joy-Con can be used as wireless controllers with Nintendo Switch Lite.

What to Do:

  1. Ensure your console has the latest system version installed.

  2. Update the controller firmware.

  3. With the Joy-Con detached, reset the controller by pressing the SYNC Button once. Then press any other button to power on the Joy-Con again.

  4. Ensure that nothing is covering the IR Motion Camera on the the Joy-Con (R).

    • If a protective cover is being used with the Joy-Con, remove it temporarily.

    • Some games such as the Eating Contest within 1-2 Switch specifically require the IR Motion Camera to play.

  5. Calibrate the motion controls on the Joy-Con.

  6. Verify that the software or application you are using supports motion controls.

    • Some games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe require the motion controls to be activated manually.

Situation Not Resolved:

If the motion controls are not responding with any supported software, or if the motion controls calibration fails, then the non-working Joy-Con controller(s) may have a fault.

  • If only one Joy-Con has an issue, specify if it is the left or right controller.

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