Is Game Builder Garage an educational tool that can be used to teach programming?

Game Builder Garage does not teach players how to program using an existing programming language, rather it is designed to help players learn fundamental concepts of video game creation in a fun and approachable way. In total there are seven interactive lessons, each teaching players the basics of game creation through different kind of games, including racing, puzzle-solving, and 3D platformer. These lessons are designed to be fun, engaging and perfect for people of all experience levels, with Checkpoints in between for players to test their knowledge by solving small puzzles or tasks. After completing the first lesson, Free Programming Mode gives players free rein to create their own games.

Game Builder Garage features a unique cast of characters called Nodon, who each have a different function. By following the in-game instructions and connecting the Nodon together, anyone can enjoy building their own game, with no prior experience necessary. This unique approach of using characters as the building blocks of games, combined with a visual style of creation and programming, can teach players the fundamentals in a fun and engaging way.

Game Builder Garage is the only game creation software that allows players to learn how to make games from the minds at Nintendo.