Input Select Information

Input Select Information

The input select allows you to switch between the different inputs on your TV or VCR. Manufacturers of TVs and VCRs use different names and locations for 'input select'. The common names for the input select are: input, select, input select, line, line in, source, in, EXT, and AUX. Consult your TV or VCR instruction manual for details.

Locate the input select for the component that the Wii AV Cable is connected to (either the TV or VCR). The most common locations for input select are:

  • A button on the front of the TV or VCR.

  • A button on the remote control.

  • A high-numbered or low numbered channel (92, 99, 00, or 02) on the TV or VCR.

  • An on-screen menu selection.