How to View Nintendo eShop Account Activity

In this article, you'll learn how to view Nintendo eShop Account Activity on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

Complete these steps

The way to review your Nintendo eShop Account activity will vary depending on if you have created a Nintendo Network ID.

Have you linked your NNID to a Nintendo Account?
  • Yes

    • If you have linked your NNID and your Nintendo Account and combined your funds, your Nintendo eShop activity can be found in your Nintendo Account purchase history.

  • No, or I do not have an NNID

    • If you do not have a NNID, or you never linked your NNID to a Nintendo Account, you can find your Nintendo eShop account activity in the Nintendo eShop:

      1. From the Nintendo 3DS HOME menu, select the Nintendo eShop icon.

      2. Scroll left and select Settings / Other.

        • Alternatively, you can select Menu in the top-left corner and then scroll down to find Settings / Other.

      3. Scroll down and select Account Activity to view a list of transactions.

        • The top screen will display the transaction type. If the transaction was a purchase, the cost and remaining balance at the time of the purchase will also be displayed.

        • The touch screen will allow you to view game information or receipts for any non-demo downloaded content.