How to Remove a Nintendo Account from a Parent Account

Only Nintendo Accounts that were added as an existing account can be removed from the parent / guardian’s account.

Nintendo Accounts that were created as a Nintendo Account for a child (usually age 12 and under) cannot be removed from the parent / guardian’s account – even if the Nintendo Account user is over age 13.

When an account is released, all Nintendo eShop restrictions will be lifted and account history will not be visible to the parent / guardian anymore.

  1. Log into your existing parent / guardian Nintendo Account (this is the Nintendo Account for any user aged 18+). 

  2. Click “Nintendo Account” in the upper-left corner of the screen to access your account settings. 

  3. Select “Parental Controls.” 

  4. Select the Nintendo Account that you want to release from your account. 

  5. Select “Stop managing this account.”

    • If this button does not appear (just below the Nintendo eShop settings), it means that the Nintendo Account was initially added as a Nintendo Account for a child, and it cannot be released. 

    • You can verify which accounts were added as children by clicking “Child accounts” in your profile - any accounts listed here cannot be released. 

  6. Review the information, and select “Stop managing account” to confirm. 

  7. Once released, the Nintendo Account will no longer appear in the “Child account management” section of your profile.