How to Change the Sleep Mode Settings

In this article, you'll learn how to configure the Sleep Mode settings on a Nintendo Switch system.

  1. From the HOME Menu select System Settings.

  2. Scroll down the options on the left and select Sleep Mode. 

The following settings can be configured:

  • Auto-Sleep (Playing on Console Screen)
    While in Handheld mode or Tabletop mode the console will enter sleep mode after a set period of inactivity. This time can be set to 1, 3, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. To disable Auto-Sleep while using the console screen, select Never.

  • Suspend Auto-Sleep While Playing Media Content
    This prevents Auto-Sleep from activating while media content is playing. If this option is disabled, the console will still go to sleep after four hours of media playback.

  • Wake When AC Adapter is Disconnected
    If this option is enabled, the console will wake from sleep mode when it is removed from the dock, or when the AC adapter is connected/disconnected.