How to Change an Animal Resident's Catchphrase, Nickname, or Attire (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)

In this article, you'll learn how to change the catchphrase or nickname that one of your animal neighbours is using in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Important: In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have opportunities to enter custom text - including character catchphrases and nicknames - for the animal residents on your island. Residents may also begin wearing custom designs you have created and displayed on your island. Catchphrases, nicknames, and clothing designs can be viewed by other players, so always be respectful of others when creating this content. 

Complete these steps 

  • Catchphrase (word or phrase repeated often) Top of Form 

  1. Bottom of Form 

  2. Enter the Resident Services building and sit at the chair in front of Isabelle. 

  3. When prompted, select Discuss a resident

  4. Select Yeah to confirm. 

  5. Select the resident. 

  6. Select The way he/she talks

  7. Select Yes, please! to confirm. 

  8. The resident will return to saying their original catchphrase. They may ask you again for a new catchphrase suggestion in the future. 

  • Nickname for me 

Continue playing the game and speak with the resident regularly. The resident will eventually ask if you still like the nickname or if you want to select a new nickname. It is not possible to change a nickname outside of this conversation. 

  • Attire 

  1. Enter the Resident Services building and sit at the chair in front of Isabelle. 

  2. When prompted, select Discuss a resident. 

  3. Select Yeah to confirm. 

  4. Select the resident. 

  5. Select The way he/she dresses. 

  6. Select Yes, please! to confirm. 

  7. The resident will no longer wear a custom design. Be sure to remove the custom design from the Able Sisters store display if you no longer want residents to wear it.