How to Access/Change the Quick Settings

In this article, you'll learn how to access and configure the Quick Settings on a Nintendo Switch system.

Note: Quick Settings are a group of frequently used settings that can be invoked at any time. They will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Complete these steps

  1. Press and hold the HOME Button for at least one second to access Quick Settings.

    Within the Quick Settings screen you can access the following options:

    • Sleep Mode: Set the system to sleep mode.

      • This option can also be configured. In order to configure sleep mode, you must access the System Settings Menu.

    • Auto-Brightness (Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model consoles only): Enable/disable screen brightness adjustment based on ambient brightness.

    • Screen Brightness: Manually adjust screen brightness.

    • Volume Control: Adjust the volume on the system speakers.

    • Airplane Mode: Disable all wireless communication functionality, including Internet communication, local communication, Bluetooth, and the NFC Reader/Writer. Some types of wireless communication can still be switched on manually when the system is in airplane mode.

      Important: If the Joy-Con are detached from the Nintendo Switch console when airplane mode is activated (tabletop mode), you must tap the console screen and enable Bluetooth communications within System Settings > Airplane Mode > Controller Connection (Bluetooth) in order to operate the console with the Joy-Con.

  2. To exit Quick Settings, perform one of the following actions:

    • Press the B Button

    • Press the HOME Button

    • Tap outside of the Quick Settings screen