HD Rumble is Weaker or Out of Sync While Using a Bluetooth Audio Device

The information in this article can help you when your wireless controller's vibration feels different while using a Bluetooth audio device.


When using a Bluetooth audio device, you may notice that the vibration of wireless controllers can vary in strength and duration. This variance in vibration may also differ depending on the software being used.

If vibration behaves normally with the same software and controller when you are not using Bluetooth audio, then there is not an issue with the controller, software or console.

What To Do

If the vibration changes are affecting gameplay, you can disconnect the Bluetooth audio device and use the console speakers or a wired audio device. If supported by the software, you can also use a wired controller while using the Bluetooth audio device.

Situation not resolved

If the controller vibration is still not working as expected after disconnecting the Bluetooth audio device, follow our steps on HD Rumble Not Working Correctly or Not Working At All.