GameCube Controller Sticks Not Responding on Nintendo Switch

The information in this article can help you when:

  • The GameCube Controller can register correctly on Nintendo Switch, but one or both control sticks are not responding correctly, or responding at all.

  • The characters appear to be drifting, lagging, or moving on their own while using the GameCube Controller.

Important: The GameCube controller and GameCube controller adapter can be connected to Nintendo Switch Lite using a licensed accessory, such as the Dual USB PlayStand for Nintendo Switch Lite by HORI.

Note: The control stick calibration feature on Nintendo Switch is not available for the GameCube Controller.

What to do

  1. Ensure your console has the latest system update.

    • If the console is already up to date, be sure to restart it by holding down the POWER Button for three seconds, then select Power Options, and then Restart.

  2. If you are using a Nintendo Switch dock with LAN port, update the firmware for the dock.

  3. Unplug the GameCube Controller and GameCube Controller Adapter from the Nintendo Switch dock, then plug them back in.

    • If a USB hub is being used with the dock, remove it momentarily and ensure that the Game Controller Adapter is connected directly to the dock.

  4. If the issue persists, or if it occurs with a specific game, try the following:

    • Check for any available software updates.

    • Use a different GameCube Controller, if available.

Situation not resolved

If a different GameCube Controller works, or if another one is unavailable, the original controller will need to be replaced.

If your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition GameCube Controller is not working correctly, please contact us for additional support.