Formatting system memory

Select this option to delete all data saved to the system, and return it to factory settings.


  • If you have linked a Nintendo Network ID to your system, you will need an internet connection to format the system memory.

  • Formatting your system will not delete your Nintendo Network ID.

  • After linking a Nintendo Network ID to your system once, you will not be able to link it to any other system even after formatting. You will need to use system transfer to link to your ID to another system instead of formatting.

  • The system version will remain at the current version even if you format the system memory.

Following data will be deleted and cannot be recovered if you opt to format your system:

  • Content saved in the system memory such as friend list, notification and step data

  • Application save data

  • All photos saved to the system memory

  • Changes made to the System Settings

  • Software saved to the system (see first note below) and its save data*

  • Data saved to the microSD card** such as Downloadable software* and its save data, add-on content*, extra data, save data backups

  • The link to a Nintendo Network ID***

*Software can be redownloaded from Nintendo eShop at no extra cost. Please note that there are certain cases where software may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn from Nintendo eShop. Should this happen, you will no longer be able to redownload that software. If your system is linked to a Nintendo Network ID, you will need to use this same ID to redownload software. See the Nintendo Network ID Settings section of the Operations Manual for details.

**If a microSD card that contains software or save data is not inserted when the formatting occurs, the data on that microSD card will not be deleted but it will become unusable.

***Formatting your system will not delete your Nintendo Network ID. You will be able to link the same ID to your system again by selecting LINK AN EXISTING ID in Nintendo Network ID Settings.