Error Code: 2811-6001

  • Attempting to purchase or download software from the Nintendo eShop, error code 2811-6001 is displayed.

  • You receive the error message "Software currently unavailable."

Additional Information
  • It is possible to receive News about games from different regions on Nintendo Switch.

  • An error may be displayed when attempting to download software from the Nintendo eShop of another region.

Troubleshoot the issue

Search for the game in the My Nintendo Store.

Has the game or DLC been released by Nintendo Australia?

  • Yes: Try to download the software at a later time.

    • If you are receiving this error code when attempting to purchase DLC, try making the purchase through the Nintendo eShop instead of through the game itself, and vice versa, if possible.

    If the issue persists, please contact us for support.

  • No: If a previously announced software is not yet available in the Nintendo eShop, wait for the release time and date, then download it. If the game was not announced for release in the Americas, it will not be available for download.