Error Code: 2016-0390


An error message is displayed on Nintendo Switch, "Unable to access microSD card."

What to Do:

  1. Power off the console and remove the microSD card

  2. Verify that the microSD card is compatible with Nintendo Switch.

    • If the microSD card is not supported, replacing it with a supported type may resolve the problem. 

  3. Reinsert the microSD card and perform a system update.

    • The system menu version may not necessarily change after this update. 

  4. If the microSD card cannot be read on Nintendo Switch, try the following:

    • Format the microSD card

    • Use a different microSD card. 

    • Remove the microSD card and download directly to the system memory. 

Situation Not Resolved:

If the error persists with multiple microSD cards, then the Nintendo Switch console may need to be inspected.

  • For testing purposes, be sure to include one or more of the problematic microSD cards that were being used with the console. 

If you would like further assistance with the Nintendo Switch console, please contact Nintendo Customer Service.