Error Codes: 2002-4501 to 2002-4535


  • You are unable to download software from the Nintendo eShop and an error code is displayed.

  • Error codes: 2002-4501 to 2002-4535.

Additional Information:

If a microSD card is inserted on the console, the save location will default to the microSD card when downloading or redownloading software.

What to Do:

  1. Ensure your console has the latest system update.

  2. Check for corrupt data.

  3. Delete any problematic software and redownload it.

Is the error still being displayed?

If a microSD card is being used please see the below possible solutions.

  • Yes

    • Is a microSD card inserted in the console?

      • Yes

      • No

        • Situation Not Resolved: If the error persists even though a microSD card is not being used, the Nintendo Switch console may need to be inspected.

          Please click here for further support.

  • No

    • Continue using the console and monitor the situation.