003-3000 - 003-3099

The Nintendo 3DS system was unable to connect to the internet through a hotspot location.

  • Check for wireless interference, which can affect the signal strength to the Nintendo 3DS. To help minimize wireless interference, try the following:

  • Ensure the Hotspot location does not require an internet browser to setup an account, accept a use agreement, or enter a password before accessing their Wi-Fi service. If the location requires any of these items, you will not be able to connect to the Internet with your Nintendo 3DS.

  • Make sure that the Nintendo 3DS is within 30 feet of the wireless access point and facing in its general direction. Signal strength can vary, depending on where the access point's signal is coming from. (Please do not sit or stand in places that will interfere with the location's customers or staff.)

  • Orientate the Nintendo 3DS so that your body or other objects (such as walls, plants, furniture, and other people) are not blocking the signal. Also, make sure there is no interference from wireless phones (mobile phones are okay).

  • If the connection continues to fail, this Hotspot may have their router set up in a manner that is not compatible with the Nintendo 3DS.