The fresh Inkling’s guide to all things Splatoon

The fresh Inkling’s guide to all things Splatoon - Hero
Squad up and ink your way to victory in Splatoon 3, out now on Nintendo Switch! If you’re new to the series and don’t yet know your Turf Wars from your Tenta Missiles, then fear not ‘cause we’re here to help!

For starters, check out this video summary for some fresh deets on the world of Splatoon!

What do you do in Splatoon anyway?

In Splatoon, you’ll play as an Inkling (or an Octoling if you so choose). These unique creatures can switch between two forms at will! In humanoid form, Inklings use all kinds of weapons to shoot and spread ink all over their surroundings. Then, they transform into a squid to swim swiftly through that ink – along the floor and even up walls!

In short, Inklings are messy creatures, which is why they’re absolutely obsessed with Turf Wars!

Hold up, what's a Turf War?

Turf War’s the name, inking’s the game. Two teams of four battle it out to cover the most ground in their coloured ink. Victory goes to the team who makes the biggest mess after three minutes of ink-flinging fun!

Looks fun, but I’m not that good at online shooters…

We hear ya! Turf Wars can get pretty chaotic, but keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how many times you get splatted. You can still contribute to your team’s victory by simply inking up the environment around you.Here’s a couple of pointers for those who want to focus on inking rather than splatting:

  • At the start of a match, try inking as much of your base as possible and consider inking areas of the map away from other players.

  • Familiarise yourself with the stage layouts at your own pace in Recon Mode.

Where should I start if I want to learn the basics of Splatoon?

You’ll want to check out the single-player Story Mode! Here you’ll get to grips with the fundamentals of inking, as well as find your feet (…or should that be tentacles?) with the different types of weapons and mechanics on offer.

Look out for the grate in Splatsville where this chap is popping out his head to get started:

The fresh Inkling’s guide to all things Splatoon - Image 1

The cephalopod in question is called Cuttlefish, and he’ll set you off on an adventure full of action, suspense and octopus-like enemies who, for some reason, are…hairy?!

Which weapon should I use?

In short, whichever one you like! There are lots of different types of weapons on offer, and it ultimately comes down to how you like to play. For example, Rollers and Sloshers are great at inking up lots of turf quickly, whereas Shooters or Dualies are recommended for splatting the opposition at close range. The best thing to do is visit the Test Range in the Lobby and try a bunch of different weapons to see which ones suit you best!

What’s the deal with fashion?

Inklings are fashionable creatures on and off the battlefield, but there are other benefits to looking fresh! Each piece of gear has a different ability that can boost your performance in various ways, such as increasing movement speed or more efficiently using your ink. These abilities can give you an important edge during crucial moments, so be sure to balance form and function!

Not sure where to get new threads? Visit the many shops found throughout Splatsville to peruse their wares!

How do I upgrade my gear?

Taking part in battles will earn you points, eventually levelling up your gear and unlocking new abilities. These are chosen at random, but if you’ve got a specific ability you’d like to assign to your favourite piece of gear, you should visit Murch who you’ll find loitering outside the Lobby. He can scrub your gear of abilities and give you some Ability Chunks in return. Gather enough of them and you can assign that ability to an empty slot in your gear. Nifty!

The fresh Inkling’s guide to all things Splatoon - Image 2

Can I play Splatoon co-operatively with my friends?

You sure can! You and your friends can all team up together in Turf War and play on the same team. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy playing against other people, there’s a dedicated co-op mode called Salmon Run. Here, you and three other players have to beat back waves of enemies called Salmonids. Take down the larger boss Salmonids and they’ll drop a handful of golden eggs. Throw enough of them in the basket to meet your target for a successful shift.

Phew, that sounds intense! Is there any way to unwind between battles?

Sure! You could sit down to a round of Tableturf Battle; a one-vs-one competitive card game spin-off of Turf War. Build a deck from over 150 cards and face off against the locals in the Tableturf Battle Dojo. Each card lets you ink a certain section of turf. Take turns to cover as much territory as you can and send your opponent packing!

I’m feeling competitive, what would you recommend?

Turf Wars can get pretty frantic themselves, but those looking for a different challenge should try out Anarchy Battles. Once you hit Level 10, you’ll be able to select this mode from the Lobby and compete in several objective-based matches. These range from inking a specific area of the map, to riding a special lift all the way into the enemy base. Whichever mode you choose, teamwork is key!

For a deeper dive into all of these features and more, check out the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct below:

Happy splatting everyone!