Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Here’s a few tips for secret seekers!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Here’s a few tips for secret seekers Hero

Mario and friends often find themselves among unusual baddies, tricky platforms, and picky power-ups. But sometimes there’s something secret that comes up on their adventures.

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder game continues this fine tradition, so let’s get you in the mood for a little secret finding! We’re not going to spoil anything specific here (or they wouldn’t be a secret), but we’ll point out a couple things you may not know.

Collectibles, green checkmarks, and you

OK, let’s start with collectibles. Collectibles won’t always be out in the open, so check suspicious corners, crouch over pipes (especially ones that extend past the bottom of the course or look a bit different), and touch as many Wow Buds as you can to get coins or open pathways (they look like little glowing flower buds… not to be confused with Talking Flowers… who talk).

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Tip: You may need to play a course multiple times before you find everything. As a fun little extra, try swapping the Talking Flower voice language in the Settings menu when you replay courses. This won’t help you find any secrets, but it would be very international of you to try!

Most courses have at least one Wonder Seed, three 10-flower coins, and a flagpole. Yep, that flagpole isn’t just a way to end the course: If you’re able to touch the very top of it, it counts as a gold flagpole.

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Tip: If you’re having trouble getting to the top, try equipping a badge (like the Parachute Cap Badge) before starting a course, or use a midair spin with the R Button.

The game keeps track of all this stuff by the way. When you’re on the world map, press the + Button and select “Courses.” You’ll see an overview of everything you’ve found thus far. If you’ve found everything in a course, you’ll see a faint green checkmark in the background.

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Tip: If you’ve found everything in the World, you’ll see that green checkmark in the top right of the screen. You can also check on your collectibles while playing a course.

Wait, what if I found everything and there’s no checkmark?

Ah, something tricky is going on, isn’t there? This situation means that the course also has a secret path. These secret paths may lead to an extra Wonder Seed, additional courses, or even a familiar face. There are also Special World courses to find that will really test your skills!

Tip: No spoilers here, but have you found the secret path in “Piranha Plants on Parade” yet? Hmm, where can it be?

Blocks that feel seen

Did you know that some invisible blocks may become visible depending on which character you play as? These Hidden Character Blocks have little icons that match your character and contain helpful stuff. Try different characters when you’re replaying a level.

Tip: Oh, and no matter which character you play as, it’s still possible to jump up and hit a Hidden Character Block (it will just be invisible to you until you hit it). And if you’re playing online, other players may drop a standee on these invisible blocks—so be on the lookout for standees that seem to float!*

An overworld overview

Secrets aren’t just in the courses! When you’re freely running around on the world map, try to check behind objects, sneak around corners, and be an overall nosy person. You can even find pathways to new areas.

Tip: You’ll find secrets all over, but pay special attention to World 4: Sunbaked Desert.

OK, that’s it for now! Even after beating the game, hunting for secrets might be a fun way to extend your time in the Flower Kingdom. Hmm, makes you wonder if there’s something super secret for players who 100% each World…

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Expect the unexpected!
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