Race to victory in Kirby’s Dream Buffet!

Race to victory in Kirby’s Dream Buffet! Also, check out the super-stuffed 30th anniversary concert - Hero

Kirby’s 30th anniversary year continues to roll forward at full steam, including the release of the Kirby’s Dream Buffet™ game!

Available now: Kirby’s Dream Buffet

My Kirby, you’re quite the big boy these days! Starting today, you’ll be able to bump, battle, and boost your way to sweet victory in Kirby’s Dream Buffet. Control an extremely round Kirby as he rolls through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages in four rounds of four-player fun. You’ll want to collect as many strawberries as you can (growing even larger in the process), collect power ups called Copy Foods, and look for opportunities to steal some strawberries. This snacky race will then culminate in the final round where you battle other hefty opponents on a floating platform.

Have a feast of fun with family and friends

All ages can eat up the cute and competitive fun. Share a Joy-Con™ controller with a buddy to play on the same system or join with up to three other players to play via local wireless* or online**. Anyone can take the cake in this easy-to-play game!

Level up and unlock delectable customisation options

Dress Kirby in costumes that resemble Meta Knight, King Dedede, Elfilin, and more. As you increase your Gourmet Rank, you’ll get more colours for Kirby and delightful music to listen to. While playing, you can also earn decorations that resemble cookies, chocolates, and candies from the Kirby™ series.

*Additional games and systems required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.

**Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. https://www.nintendo.com.au/nintendo-switch-family/online-service