Nintendo Switch Online Magazine: March Edition

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Hero Banner

As we approach the end of March, Nintendo Switch Online Magazine is back with a brand-new issue! We’ve got new classic games, online events, Missions and Rewards and much more!

Find out what’s been going on this month in Nintendo Switch Online Magazine: March Edition!

New Titles Added to the Game Boy Classic Library

Check the list below to see all new titles available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members!

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Game Boy Titles

Two Games for Less with Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers

Princess Peach: Showtime! has been added to a growing Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers catalogue!

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Princess Peach

Save up to AU $35.00 / NZ $41.45 when you order Princess Peach: Showtime! and another game from Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers catalogue!

You can also pre-order these games from our growing Game Voucher catalogue:

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Game Vouchers

Share the Smiles with Online Play

Take on rivals or team up with friends online in this supported Nintendo Switch title!

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Online Play - DB FighterZ Image

March’s Game Trial

From 14/03 – 21/03, Nintendo Switch Online members could play Vampire Survivors for free during this Game Trials event! You could also save 15% when purchasing the game from Nintendo eShop until 21/03.

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Game Trial

Keep an eye out for the next exciting Game Trial announcement!

Get Involved with These Special Online Events

Play Tera Raid Battle* events in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet!

In celebration of Pokémon Day 2024, Blastoise appeared in black crystal Tera Raid Battles from 06/03 – 13/03 and Charizard appeared in black crystal Tera Raid Battles from 13/03 – 18/03.

Lead your team to victory in the new Splatfest event!

Which instrument would you play? From 23/03 – 25/03, Splatoon 3 players were able to choose between Drums, Guitar or Keyboard.

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Events - Splatfest

Take part in the next Big Run event!

The Salmonids arrived in Eeltail Alley between 09/03 – 11/03, players who reached Level 4 could participate by selecting “Grizzco” from the menu screen.

NSO Magazine: March 2024 Events - Big Run

Don't forget to check the Nintendo Switch Online app on your Nintendo Switch device for updates on the next special online event!

A New Season of Splatoon 3 Has Arrived!

Fresh Season 2024 has arrived in Splatoon 3 via a free update, bringing with it new gear, weapons, and fresh activities for the residents of Splatsville to enjoy!

Check Out the Latest Missions & Rewards

Play Super NES software: Super Mario World before 02/04 to be able to redeem points for Super Mario World icon elements that were available in the past!

NSO Magazine: March 2024 - Mission

You can also use your Platinum Points to redeem these icon parts:

  • Splatoon 3

  • Princess Peach: Showtime!

Missed out? Watch this space so you don’t miss the latest updates!

Fun Fact

Can’t get enough of Peach’s transformations in Princess Peach: Showtime!? Did you know there are over 15 classic games featuring Princess Peach, available in Nintendo Switch Online classic libraries? You can also play Peach as a character in some of them!

Find out more in the Nintendo Switch Online app!

Happy gaming, everyone! Stay tuned for more fun with Nintendo Switch Online next month!

Nintendo Account is required to receive and redeem points. Terms apply (

A paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online is required to use Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy – Nintendo Switch online. A paid membership to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is required to use Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and SEGA Mega Drive – Nintendo Switch Online.

*To encounter Pokémon featured in Tera Raid Battle events, players need to have downloaded the latest Poké Portal News. Poké Portal News will automatically download if their Nintendo Switch system is connected to the internet.