Join the AU/NZ Championships for Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

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Players across Australia and New Zealand will get a chance to compete for prizes and glory in the Splatoon 3 AU/NZ Championship 2023 and the Mario Kart AU/NZ Championship 2023 with live finals taking place at PAX Australia 2023 on 8th October!

Starting in August, a series of online qualifying events will be held for each championship. These open qualifiers will determine the top teams and players who will compete in the finals. There are multiple ways to play and participate, and players of all experience levels are welcome!

More details about how to enter the online qualifier events can be found at

Splatoon 3

Australia and New Zealand’s freshest Splatoon 3 squads will be decided through Turf War and Anarchy Battle modes! Don't forget to visit the website to register beforehand!

Online Qualifiers:
#1: 19th August @ 11am AEST / 1pm NZST
#2: 27th August @ 11am AEST / 1pm NZST

Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe

To determine the Australian and New Zealand Mario Kart 8 Deluxe champions, racers will compete in 150cc Race Mode with normal items across a variety of courses!

Online Qualifiers:
#1: 1st September @ 4pm–10pm AEST / 6pm–12am NZST
#2: 2nd September @ 12pm–6pm AEST / 2pm–8pm NZST
#3: 3rd September @ 12pm–6pm AEST / 2pm–8pm NZST
#4: 9th September @ 12pm–6pm AEST / 2pm–8pm NZST
#5: 10th September @ 12pm–6pm AEST / 2pm–8pm NZST
#6: 11th September @ 10am–4pm AEST / 12pm–6pm NZST