Triangle Strategy™

Triangle Strategy™

A tactical RPG that will challenge your convictions
Mature themes and violence
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A tactical RPG that
will challenge your convictions

Determine the fate of three powerful kingdoms in TRIANGLE STRATEGY, a tactical RPG presented in stunning HD-2D on Nintendo Switch. In this deep, branching story, guide Serenoa Wolffort and his faithful companions through strategic battles and arduous moral choices. Will you espouse virtuous morality, unwavering liberty or pragmatic utility? To each their own convictions.

The realm of Norzelia


Three mighty powers rule over the continent of Norzelia, each controlling a vital resource.

Under the frosty lands of the Grand Dutchy of Aesfrost lie rich iron deposits.


Salt is gathered from a lake at the heart of the Holy State of Hyzante…


…and the bountiful Norzelia river brings flourishing trade to the Kingdom of Glenbrook.


Constant feuds over these resources eventually ignited into a great conflict known as the Saltiron War, which brought the mighty nations to their knees.

Hostility ceased when a fragile truce was formed, and over the following years the realm experienced a time of peace. The three nations have joined together in a mining venture, while Serenoa, the heir to the most powerful high House in the Kingdom of Glenbrook, is set to wed Frederica of Aesfrost to further strengthen ties between the nations.

Yet, it seems this peaceful era may be at an end when the Archduke of Aesfrost suddenly attacks the Kingdom of Glenbrook.

The valiant heroes,
and those who oppose them

It falls upon the young lord Serenoa and his noble companions to protect not only House Wolffort and the Kingdom of Glenbrook, but the future of the continent itself.



A brave, honourable young man trained well by his father, the renowned warrior Lord Symon. Though he lacks experience in the ways of the world, he possesses a fair, earnest heart.



Younger prince of Glenbrook, and Serenoa’s closest friend. He is cheerful, fearless, and free-spirited. Confident in his own abilities, he has doubts about his elder brother’s aptitude for ruling a nation.



In service to House Wolffort since his youth, he is a trusted advisor to Lord Symon. A brilliant strategist who offers support from the shadows and always acts in his house’s best interests, he is often seen as cold-hearted by others.



House Wolffort’s taciturn, stoic spy. She is both Benedict’s adopted daughter and his right-hand woman. Her mastery of martial arts and covert operations make her the ideal candidate for reconnaissance and contacting relevant parties.



Archduke of Aesfrost and a firm believer in freedom. He is a broad-minded and level-headed ruler who has brought his nation to new heights by promoting those with skill rather than social status.



A woman orphaned by war. She toiled to earn the rank of general and is known as the strongest in Aesfrost, her skills acknowledged by even the archduke himself.



Hyzante’s Minister of Religion, one of the Saintly Seven and the only member permitted to hear the voice of the hierophant.



The Saintly Seven's Minister of Salt. He manages all things related to the Source, from which the Holy State's wealth springs.



Serenoa’s betrothed. Descended from the persecuted Rosellan tribe on her mother's side, she shares a father with Archduke Gustadolph. Her upbringing was difficult due to her lineage and family strife, she possesses a free and indomitable spirit.

Scales of Conviction


Weigh your choices wisely - the Scales of Conviction can decide the fate of Norzelia itself. Will you partake in betrayal and shadowy schemes, or rely on honour and resolute bravery? Key choices you make will bolster one of three convictions - Utility, Morality and Liberty - and shape Serenoa’s character, as well as the story.

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Your party will hold staunch convictions of their own, and when faced with truly momentous decisions, all will cast their vote on the scales. You must therefore possess the talent of persuasion to tilt the Scales of Conviction in your favour. Converse with your companions, hear their reasoning and sway them to your cause. If your heart is not set on one course, explore your surroundings and see what you may glean from the locals before making your decision.

Battle strategy

To prevail against your enemies, you must be learned in the ways of strategy. Use sword, sorcery and masterful positioning to your advantage. Survey the battlefield and carefully craft your plans during the battle preparation phase.

All of your allies have their own strengths and weaknesses - command them wisely! For example, those with ranged attacks will benefit from being perched up high where they can cast their spells or shoot their arrows from a safe distance. A red line will connect your ally to adversaries if they are within range of enemy attacks.


Conversely, the front lines should be populated by those who thrive in close-quarters combat. Strike an enemy unit from behind to score a surprise critical hit. Flank with two allies to deliver even stronger coordinated attacks that could be the difference between victory and defeat.


Terrain is just as crucial to your success. Utilise the elemental abilities of your companions to set the field ablaze, damaging all enemies within reach of the flames. Combine allies’ powers to melt snow with fiery skills, then electrify the puddles that remain with lightning. Wield these powers carefully, however - your own forces can also be harmed by such tactics.

Recruit allies and train

Exploration is a key part of your adventure. Visit locations marked on your map to uncover secrets that may change the course of your journey, to find items that may aid your progress and to recruit allies from distant lands.


New recruits will be waiting for you at the Encampment. Speak to them, engage in mock battles to test their strength at the Tavern, and craft new powerful weapons at the Smithy.

Once you have proven your tactical prowess you will also be able to promote your companions with medals purchased at the Sundry Shop. This will grant them new abilities and bolster their vigour for the next challenge that awaits them.

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Preview Image

Will you triumph against injustice and lead your companions down an honourable path? See where your convictions will lead you in TRIANGLE STRATEGY.

Game specifications

Release date4/3/2022
GenreRole-Playing Game, Strategy
No. of players1 player
Game file size7.05GB
Supported languagesJapanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English

Supported play modes

TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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