Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury
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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Explore a world of Mario fun together!
Online interactivity, Very mild themes and violence

Explore a world of Mario fun together!


Join Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad on a quest to save the Sprixie Kingdom in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on Nintendo Switch! Rescue the Sprixie Princess and her followers by yourself or with three other players in this enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World.

Then, either alone or with a friend, help Bowser Jr. turn his papa back to normal in the all-new bonus adventure, Bowser's Fury.


A meowvellous quest for up to four players

Play solo or with up to three friends, either locally or online for the first time, on an exciting journey through the Sprixie Kingdom. Utilise cool power-ups like the Super Bell and Double Cherry, as you chase down Bowser and his cavalcade of minions!


Rising from the deep

Team up with Bowser Jr. in a free-roaming 3D adventure to stop his dad's rampage in the new game mode, Bowser's Fury! Run and jump across a series of islands to collect the mysterious Cat Shines, and battle against the colossal Fury Bowser whenever he emerges from the ocean to wreak havoc.


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It allows you to buy two Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers for just AU$134.95 / NZ$148.45. Each voucher can be redeemed for a download version of any game from the programme's catalogue, so you can get two games together - such as Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury and Animal Crossing: New Horizons - at a reduced price!


New amiibo

The Cat Mario and Cat Peach two-pack amiibo (sold separately) make their debut alongside Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.


Save the Sprixies


From riding down river rapids, to skating across icy tundras, to even exploring a theme park built in the Koopa King's own scaly image - excitement awaits around every corner, as you travel through the Sprixie Kingdom to save the princess and her followers from Bowser's clutches!


An all-star cast

Mario's not going it alone - Luigi, Peach and Toad are ready to join in on the fun! Each character has their own unique abilities, so choose one to suit you.


Fun with friends

As well as same system and local wireless co-op play with up to four people, you can now play Super Mario 3D World together online for the very first time! Choose your character before each course and use all four characters' different abilities to see everything that the Sprixie Kingdom has to offer.

Work together to reach the Goal Pole, or compete to see who can earn the most points! A shiny crown awaits the player who collects the most - who will it be?

Power-ups galore

Play around with a mix of both exciting new power-ups and returning favourites on Mario and friends' escapades!

All tuned up

As an enhanced version of Super Mario 3D World, some brand-new gameplay improvements have been made to spice up this adventure.

All characters have received a boost to their running speed and climb even higher after picking up a Super Bell, making platforming that little bit snappier. You can now also use gyro controls for certain sections of the game that previously required touch controls.


Shine on

Something bad has happened to Bowser. He's been tainted by a mysterious black goop, turning him into a humongous monster bent on total destruction!


It's up to Mario and an unlikely companion to travel across a series of islands in the Land of Cats, collect the mysterious Cat Shines by completing different platforming challenges, and harness their power to stop the terrifying Fury Bowser.


The enemy of my enemy

With his papa transformed, Bowser Jr.'s only hope to save his dad lies with his greatest enemy. Piloting his Koopa Clown Car, the young prince joins Mario on his quest, copying all of his moves, helping him take out enemies, and uncovering power-ups and other secrets that'll help you out.


Pass a Joy-Con to a friend and play in local co-op, with one player taking control of the little tyke directly to assist in your hunt for the Cat Shines.

A storm's brewing

As you search high and low for the Cat Shines, the evil-looking Fury Sun will slowly rise out of the ocean, near the island that you're currently on.


When the weather suddenly changes from sunny to stormy, it's time to get a move on, as Fury Bowser's almost there! Once he emerges from the Fury Sun, he'll summon meteors from the sky and fire devasting fiery beams at you - so take cover!

Clash of the titans

While you can wait out the devastation, you aren't entirely helpless. If you've collected five Cat Shines on an island, it's time to activate the awesome power of the Giga Bell! This gargantuan Super Bell transforms Mario into Giga Cat Mario, meaning he can fight Fury Bowser in a truly titanic tussle.


Defeat Fury Bowser in your massive feline form and he'll be sent flying back into the sea, unlocking new islands for you to explore. Don't spend too long celebrating your victory, as he'll be back...


Stamp of approval

Collected during your adventures in the Sprixie Kingdom, Stamps gain a brand-new use in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - thanks to Snapshot Mode. Line up your perfect shot, decorate the background with any Stamps you've gathered on your travels and then say cheese!

Happy with your snaps? Why not post your favourite ones on social media using the Nintendo Switch's built-in Share function.

Need a hand?

By scanning certain Super Mario seriesamiibo(sold separately), you'll get some extra help in both Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury!


Tapping the Cat Peach amiibo will grant you a random power-up, while tapping the Cat Mario amiibo will give an Invincibility Bell that'll really give you a boost when saving the Sprixies or battling Fury Bowser!



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Game specifications

Release date12/2/2021
No. of playersUp to 4 players
Game file size2.97GB
Supported languagesJapanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), English

Supported play modes

TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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