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An adventure that keeps you moving!

With the Ring-Con in hand and Leg-Strap equipped, it's time to set out on a fitness-filled quest! Explore a fantasy adventure world to defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions using real-life exercises in Ring Fit Adventure, a fitness video game for Nintendo Switch! Jog in place to traverse grass-swept plains, do overhead shoulder presses to attack enemies, and strike some yoga poses to refill your health meter.


Two new accessories, Ring-Con and Leg Strap, precisely measure your real-world actions and turn them into in-game movements. With additional minigames and customisable full-body workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a great escape for players of all skill and fitness levels and schedules.


Level-up your character and yourself!


In Adventure mode, defeat enemies with attacks based on over 60 real-world exercises as you traverse more than 100 levels in over 20 worlds. As you work through each level (and possibly work up a sweat), you'll earn experience points and collect ingredients to craft health-restoring smoothies.


Between fights, you may encounter some unusual methods of transportation such as squat-powered launch pads, waterfalls to paddleboard up, and more! For more surprises, stop by towns and visit the General Store to get workout clothes that increase your attack and defence stats, or take on additional missions for super effective items.


Want to compete with others? Pass around the Ring-Con accessory and select from 12 minigames: break boxes with gusts of air, craft pottery using squats, and more. If you're looking for a more formal workout, you can create customisable workout routines, mixing exercises and minigames to help break a sweat. You can even track your performance with some estimated stats by using the Joy-Con (R)'s (sold separately) built-in IR Motion Camera, such as your heart rate and the amount of calories burned from your workout. This way, you can make sure you're hitting your goals.


And if you really want to go the extra mile, you can even take the Ring-Con accessory with an attached Joy-Con controller (sold separately) on its own - without a Nintendo Switch. While you're sitting at work or at a bench in a park, you can press and pull the Ring-Con to gain reps. Then, you can later sync the Ring-Con with your game to convert the stored reps into experience and in-game items for your character. Stay motivated and reap the rewards, both in and out of the game!


Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using over 60 real-life exercises

Jog, Sprint, and high knee through over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds

Gather ingredients to craft in-game smoothies for temporary stat boosts

Earn in-game currency and unlock stat-boosting gear

Precisely control in-game movements with the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories

Play a long-form adventure or shorter minigames suitable for most skill levels and schedules

Check your estimated pulse rate with the built-in IR Motion Camera

Create custom, full-body workouts to help break a quick sweat and fit your lifestyle

Take the Ring-Con accessory for a spin while the game is turned off and keep building experience for your character




Custom workouts

Stay active at home and take your workouts further with our Custom mode guide

Do you want to find more ways to make the Ring-Con a part of your regular fitness routine, or simply want to take a break from the main quest? Keep your workouts going - and tailor them to suit your needs - with Ring Fit Adventure's Custom mode!

In this mode, you'll have a plethora of exercises (also known as Fit Skills and Minigames) to choose from. Grouping certain Fit Skills and Minigames together to target specific muscle groups is a great way to create a simple yet effective weekly workout plan. It'll allow you to perform multiple workouts throughout the week and stay motivated overall!

While muscle-targeted plans that randomly generate categorised Fit Skills and Minigames are accessible via the in-game 'Recommended' tab, we've prepared some of our own suggestions below. The intention is to perform one workout routine per workout day, and you can choose to repeat them as many times as you like depending on your level of experience.

Select a muscle group below to see our workout routine suggestion:

Get ready for a pectoral pump! In this push-based workout, you'll undertake exercises that mainly engage your chest and triceps. Here's the routine:

  • Front Press (Fit Skill)
  • Tricep Kickback (Fit Skill)
  • Overhead Press (Fit Skill)
  • Crate Crasher (Minigame)
  • Bootstrap Tower (Minigame)

Blast those back and bicep muscles in this pull-based workout! Take a look at the back-to-back exercise-filled routine below:

  • Back Press (Fit Skill)
  • Bow Pull (Fit Skill)
  • Shoulder Press (Fit Skill)
  • Warrior II Pose (Fit Skill)
  • Robo-Wrecker (Minigame)

Feel the burn with this shoulder-focused workout! A variety of arm raising-based movements await in this routine:

  • Overhead Arm Spin (Fit Skill)
  • Overhead Arm Twist (Fit Skill)
  • Standing Forward Fold (Fit Skill)
  • Aerochute (Minigame)
  • Gluting Gallery (Minigame)

“Don't skip leg day”, as they say! Work those wheels with this lower-body workout routine:

  • Squat / Overhead Squat / Wide Squat (Fit Skill)
  • Knee-Lift Combo (Fit Skill)
  • Thigh Press (Fit Skill)
  • Hip Lift (Fit Skill)
  • Squat Goals (Minigame)

Core blimey! We've added an extra exercise to this torso-targeted routine, making this one ab-solute workout:

  • Overhead Side Bend (Fit Skill)
  • Overhead Bend (Fit Skill)
  • Knee-to-Chest (Fit Skill)
  • Leg Raise (Fit Skill)
  • Plank (Fit Skill)
  • Boat Pose (Fit Skill)

Many of the exercises we've suggested here can help train multiple muscle groups at once!

Useful tips

Remember, the above are only suggestions - there are many ways to achieve your goals using the Fit Skills and Minigames available in Ring Fit Adventure.

You can also further tweak our suggested workout routines to your liking if any of them are too easy or difficult for your level of experience, as well as to keep them fresh after undergoing several weeks of the same routine.


Feel free to repeat a workout routine right away to increase its intensity. You can also add, remove, replace, repeat or reorder exercises from each workout routine to really shape things to suit you! You may find that you need more energy/strength for a certain Fit Skill or Minigame, so pushing it to one of your first exercises in the workout routine may prove beneficial in the long run. You can even determine the amount of reps you'll need to perform to complete each exercise!


Reorder your workout routine days to ensure your muscles have recovered between each session. For example, you may still feel sore while doing the 'Shoulders & Trapezius' workout routine a day after doing the 'Chest & Triceps' workout routine the day before, so perhaps following with the 'Legs & Glutes' workout routine instead would be a better option.


Taking breaks is a great way to keep you motivated to finish a single workout routine, as well as a week's worth of workouts in general. Depending on what feels right for you, ensure to take breaks in between exercises within a workout routine (such as a minute's breather) - as well as rest days throughout the week. The “one day on one day off” method (where you'd work out one day and take the next day off to rest) can work for some people, while others prefer consecutive rest days and/or workout days.

Fancy some cardio into your session? You can integrate one or more of the Jogging and/or Rhythm Game options into any of the above workout routines!

More modes and features have arrived in Ring Fit Adventure via a free software update*, including the option of choosing a female voice and changing languages!


Rhythm Game

Mix things up with this unique music-based mode, and get your body moving to 17 beloved songs from the likes of Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and more!



A Jogging option has been added to both Custom and Quick Play modes, letting you simply run through a variety of lush fields when you're not in the mood to take down enemies!


Ring Fit Adventure FAQ


Q: How sturdy is the Ring-Con accessory?

A: The Ring-Con was carefully designed and tested for durability.

It should work properly as long as you use it according to the in-game guide.


Q: Can I enjoy Ring Fit Adventure even if I don't have any/much exercise experience?

A: You can fully customise the exercise level to fit your needs by calibrating the Ring-Con and in-game settings.


In Ring Fit Adventure, the exercise level is configurable on a 1-to-30 difficulty scale, depending on your preferred intensity. For example, the number of reps you need to perform for an exercise or the duration that you need to hold a position/stretch changes based on your exercise level. Physical activity will be required for all intensity settings.


You can calibrate the Ring-Con to adjust how much power is required to push and pull in the game. These settings can be easily adjusted in-game and before workouts, so everybody can find a level that suits them.

There are also optional dynamic and static stretching exercises that you can perform before and after each play session. It is also possible to play certain portions of Ring Fit Adventure using traditional button controls.


Q: How close are the exercises in Ring Fit Adventure to real-life exercise?

A: The exercises were developed with the help of fitness advisers.

Ring Fit Adventure includes over 60 types of real-life exercises, and you can enjoy Adventure mode or minigames with these exercises by moving your whole body. The development of all fitness activities in the game were supervised by personal trainer Kaoru Matsui, and yoga instructor Mika Saiki. The in-game guide, Tipp, is always on hand to help you find and maintain proper posture for each exercise!


Q: How long does it take to complete Ring Fit Adventure?

A: We estimate that it can take over three months to complete the Adventure mode if you play every day for 30 minutes (depending on exercise level you've set).


In Adventure mode, you'll use your whole body to play through over 250 levels spread across more than 20 colourful worlds. Even after finishing the main adventure, you can revisit the levels and find things you didn't see before, as well as use your experience to tackle tougher opponents. There may be items you missed the first time, so we encourage you to explore as you continue enjoying a fun workout.


Q: Can I enjoy some quick exercises without playing the Adventure mode?

A: In addition to Adventure mode, Ring Fit Adventure also offers Quick Play mode, where you can enjoy casual fitness minigames.

There are 12 fitness minigames in Quick Play mode that can be played in short bursts. You can also have fun playing these with friends and family by passing around the Ring-Con and taking turns to see who can get the highest score.


Q: I'm looking for a more formal workout experience. Is this something that Ring Fit Adventure offers?

A: You can work out the way you want to with Custom Mode.


Create your own personalised workout routines from the 60+ in-game exercises and 12 minigames included in Ring Fit Adventure. Create routines that help you work towards your fitness goals and focus on specific muscle groups, such as abs, legs, flexibility and more. You can also exercise between play sessions with Multitask mode. Push and pull the Ring-Con to gain reps that you can sync with your game later.


Whether you're setting out on a fantasy-filled quest, enjoying fitness minigames with friends and family, or breaking a sweat with your own custom workouts, there are many different ways to have fun and stay in shape with Ring Fit Adventure!



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