Luigi's Mansion 2 HD
Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Packshot
Available 27/6/2024

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD

It's time to clean house!
Mild supernatural themes and violence, Online interactivity

From plumber to ghost hunter!


Join the faint-of-heart hero Luigi on a spooky quest in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for Nintendo Switch. In this visually enhanced adventure, take a trip to the eerie Evershade Valley and explore haunted mansions that are screaming and teeming with troublemaking ghouls and paranormal puzzles.


Where is the Dark Moon?


Evershade Valley has been enveloped in a frightening fog! The peculiar Dark Moon which once hung in the sky – pacifying the land’s ghostly inhabitants – has mysteriously shattered.

Witnessing this strange phenomenon, ghost researcher Professor E. Gadd calls upon Luigi to stop the spirits from wreaking havoc across the valley! Can the cowardly hero gather his courage, find the scattered pieces of the Dark Moon and restore peace?


Time to clean house!

Here are some of the friendly faces awaiting you in Evershade Valley!



As scared as he is determined, the green hero is ready to face any pesky paranormal threats…one jump scare at a time!


Professor E. Gadd

A quirky professor and inventor, he’s dedicated his life’s work to researching ghosts and their behaviours.



This ghost puppy is spirited and playful, although a bit mischievous, and has a strange habit of hiding important items that Luigi needs.


Toad Assistants

These Mushroom Kingdom denizens were helping Professor E. Gadd with his research before the Dark Moon shattered.



To recover the scattered Dark Moon shards, you’ll have to explore haunted mansions infested with ghoulish ghosts of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Watch out for shockwaves caused by the aggressive red Slammers, dodge flying furniture lobbed by sneaky blue Hiders, and take care not to slip in the puddles of ghastly goo left by yellow Gobbers!


Of course, Boos are also running amok, and will pose quite the challenge even for the more seasoned spirit hunters…if you can find them, that is!


Monstrous mansions

These ghosts call five mysterious manors their home, each stranger than the last. Let’s take a look at what lurks behind each creaky door!


Gloomy Manor

All sorts of spooky situations await in this murky manor full of suspicious suits of armour, dusty books and walls covered in spiderwebs!


Haunted Towers

These terrifying towers are built around a huge tree and are crawling with greenery growing out of control. Talk about horrifying horticulture!


Old Clockworks

Time’s a-ticking in this manor – literally! Once a factory which produced the world’s finest clocks, its ghostly gears turn and turn.


Secret Mine

A chill will run down your spine in this snow-covered mine. Descend into the creepy cavernous depths to uncover its secrets!



What horrors await Luigi in this final mysterious mansion?


Ghostly gadgets and gizmos

Take on the ghosts with some nifty new gadgets, courtesy of none other than Professor E. Gadd. Chief among them is the Poltergust 5000! Use its Strobulb attachment to stun sneaky spirits, then fire up this souped-up hoover to vacuum up one or several ghosts at once. Hold on tight though, because they won’t go down without a fight!


This versatile vacuum cleaner can even roll up rugs, suck up curtains, move objects and much more! Use it to solve paranormal puzzles and to find terrific treasures hidden in every nook and cranny.


Add a burst of colour with the Dark-Light Device! Equip it to the Poltergust 5000 to reveal hidden phantoms, invisible objects and more with its rainbow light.


Heights of horror

Heights of horror

Want to test your ghost hunting mettle? Up to four supernatural enthusiasts can team up – online or via local wireless – to take on the challenges of the ScareScraper, a haunted building packed with ghosts and challenges not found in the main adventure. Recruit your fellow hunters to scale the terrifying tower together!


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Game specifications

Release date27/6/2024
GenreAdventure, Action
No. of playersUp to 4 players
Game file size3.0GB
Supported languagesJapanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), English

Supported play modes

TV mode
Tabletop mode
Handheld mode

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