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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Design your own Animal Crossing home

Show off your style by designing homes for all of your favourite Animal Crossing villagers! Use your creativity to design the perfect houses - inside and out - for both old and new friends. With amiibo cards (sold separately), you can call your favourite villagers into the game!


  • Game includes one special character amiibo card*

  • Design the interior and exterior of hundreds of homes for animal villagers.

  • Leave your decorative touch on the school, hospital and other public facilities.

  • Collect and Connect - Collect and share amiibo cards of your favourite villagers, and invite them into your game.

  • Tap amiibo cards to invite up to four characters into a room to hang out.

  • Tap the amiibo cards of special characters to call in animals that would otherwise not appear in your game with requests.

*Retail version only

Game specifications

Release date5/11/2015
No. of players1 player


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