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Star Fox Zero amiibo features

Star Fox Zero

  • Scanning a Fox amiibo swaps Fox and his teammates over to Retro Arwings, fun throwback models based on the original Arwing featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System™.
  • Scanning a Falco amiibo swaps Fox over to the Black Arwing. This sleek starship has increased firepower and can lock on to two targets at once, but receives more damage than the normal Arwing when hit.

Star Fox Guard

  • Need a little extra firepower? Tap the amiibo symbol in the top-left corner of the Wii U GamePad controller while setting up your defenses, then scan a Fox or Falco amiibo™ figure. Once the team's set, you can call in the cavalry by tapping the Arwing symbol during the mission.

Note: there are certain missions where this feature can't be used. In addition, you can only use this feature once per day, per compatible amiibo character.

Compatible amiibo figures: