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Ensuring employee wellness  

Nintendo of America was able to virtualize most of our on-site health and wellness services at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We regularly communicate these evolving options to employees through internal website articles, emails, and home mailings.

All employees have access to free virtual counseling sessions through our Employee Assistant Program (EAP). Additionally, those covered under a company-sponsored medical plan have virtual care and mental health care resources through the CareATC Health and Wellness Center, which includes primary care, prescription drugs, physical therapy, counseling, and coaching. Most of these services are free or covered by a minimal copay.

To help employees stay physically active and engaged as working from home became more prevalent, our on-site EXOS Fitness Center staff offered a variety of virtual activities, including live group exercise classes, such as yoga and meditation, along with recorded videos for on-demand access. Monthly educational webinars and activity challenges are also available, all focusing on the four pillars of EXOS methodology: mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery.

Collaboration between CareATC, EXOS, and our Employee Resource Groups* resulted in internal parenting support groups and weekly healthy cooking demonstrations led by a registered dietitian.

COVID-19 support:

  • Worked with medical insurance companies and the on-site medical facility to provide virtual medical care

  • Issued announcements to employees about the virtual counseling that we provide, as well as online resources for behavioral health

  • Provided employee support programs such as child care support and online individual exercise training

  • Enacted extensive new safety protocols to ensure onsite employees were able to work in the office safely

  • Provided flexible working hours and additional vacation time to support employees caring for children and other family members

  • Supplemented the costs of supporting remote work and working from home

  • For employees living in regions where performing work was not possible because of lockdowns, we provided salary and benefits equivalent to their normal compensation 

* Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) work to encourage mutual understanding and allow employees to come together based on their shared backgrounds, experiences, and interests.

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