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Wherever you are, StreetPass is ready

Where should you use StreetPass? Anywhere! Keep your Nintendo 3DS in a pocket or bag, go about your business, and StreetPass will do the rest. If another person also has wireless connectivity and StreetPass enabled, then you'll exchange tags when you pass by each other—all while your systems are in Sleep Mode.

We've also made it easy to find other StreetPass users at Nintendo Zone™ locations. That way, you can exchange certain types of game data with other people—even if you aren't there at the same time. Be sure to turn on the StreetPass feature in each game, so you can take full advantage of StreetPass tags and information.

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Nintendo Zone

Nintendo Zone™ locations are a great place to connect to the Internet, get cool stuff using SpotPass, and — while you're there — pick up certain types of StreetPass game data from recent visitors.

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StreetPass Relay Points

No need to actually meet in person—just head to any Nintendo Zone location to use a StreetPass Relay Point to get data from the last six visitors. You never know who will show up in your StreetPass Mii Plaza!

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