Available Now:

New features and improved performance for your Wii U console

Unlock the next level of potential for your Wii U™ experience with system update 4.1.0 U, available now. Some of the new features: :

  • Updates to the Wii U Menu for easier access to the Friends List
  • You can now output audio and video to the Wii U GamePad controller in Wii Mode
  • Support for USB keyboards
  • Improvements to the Internet Browser (such as support for PDFs and for screenshot uploads to websites)

Missed a system update or two? Update now, and you’ll get many performance enhancements, plus additional exciting features like the Wii U™ Virtual Console™ service and the Wii U Panorama View software.

  • Classic titles like Super Mario World™, Excitebike™, and Donkey Kong Jr.™—specially updated for Wii U—are now available in the Nintendo eShop for purchase. Learn more

  • See London's landmarks from a double-decker bus or march in a Carnival parade in Rio—without leaving the house. This new application lets you experience some of the world's most exotic destinations right on your GamePad. Get the free demo today from the Nintendo eShop! Learn more and download

For the full list of updates, please visit support.

To update your Wii U system:

The system update will be downloaded automatically when you are connected to the Internet. Once the download has completed, a prompt to install the update will appear on-screen.

System updates can also be performed manually if the console is connected to the Internet by starting System Settings from the Wii U Menu, and then selecting System Update.

Note: If you have never performed a system update, connect your Wii U system to the Internet, and find the System Update option in System Settings.