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New features and improved performance for your Wii U console

The latest update (5.1.2 U) for your Wii U™ console is now available. This update brings with it the ability to transfer your data from one Wii U console to another.

You can transfer save data for Wii U software, Mii characters, user settings, and more. For full details and instructions, visit support.

Some of the other new features:

  • You can now navigate Nintendo eShop with other controllers in addition to the GamePad. These include the Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote (Plus), Nunchuk and Classic Controller (Pro).

Missed an update?

Another recent update (5.0.0 U) for the Wii U introduced the Quick Start menu: this lets you view your 10 most recently used games and apps right as your console starts up, so you can select an activity even before you see the Wii U menu.

To update your Wii U system:

The system update will be downloaded automatically when you are connected to the Internet. Once the download has completed, a prompt to install the update will appear on-screen.

System updates can also be performed manually if the console is connected to the Internet by starting System Settings from the Wii U Menu, and then selecting System Update.

Note: If you have never performed a system update, connect your Wii U system to the Internet, and find the System Update option in System Settings.

For the full list of updates, please visit support

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