Wii U™ GamePad

The Wii U™ GamePad controller removes the traditional barriers between you, your games, and your TV by creating a second window into the video game world. It incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio LCD touch screen, as well as traditional button controls and two analog sticks.

The GamePad also includes motion control, a front-facing camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, rumble features, a sensor bar, a stylus, and support for Near Field Communication (NFC). It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs approximately 1.1 pounds.

One Wii U GamePad is included with every console.
Motion controls
The built-in accelerometer and gyroscope allow for intuitive motion controls.
This can be used in games and also for video chat between Wii U consoles.
L Stick / R Stick
In addition to being able to push the sticks in any direction, you can also press them down to use them as buttons.
6.2 inch Touch Screen
NFC location
It's possible to read data from, and write data to, certain items (such as special cards) without contact, using the near-field communication technology built into the GamePad.
HOME Button
If you press the HOME Button while playing a game you can choose to start a range of Wii U applications, without having to leave the game you are playing.
TV Control Button
Starts a TV remote application you can use on your TV at home.
ZL/ZR Buttons
Stylus holder
Volume control
Audio jack
L/R Buttons

Different ways to play

Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.

Features to enjoy from day one

Every Wii U console comes packed with an array of applications to enjoy the day you bring your system home, after a quick system update. Interact with other Wii U players online, make video calls from your TV, download full games from the comfort of your couch, and much more. SEE THE SOFTWARE