2014 Mario Kart Wii Tournaments

Add the optional Mario Kart Channel to your Wii Menu and watch the stats unfold! Enter worldwide tournaments; access friend rosters; race ghost data; and review your personal rankings. Check this page or the Mario Kart Channel for tournament updates and details.

We're holding a time attack tournament in Mario Kart Wii.

If you select "Tournament" on the Mario Kart Channel, using a Wii that is connected to the Internet, you will be able to participate.

For the tournament, you will play a dedicated course and compete by sending your time. (This is not a tournament where you compete directly with other players on Wi-Fi.) You will be able to send your time as many times as you want during the tournament period, so please join us and participate.

Please note, the Mario Kart Channel will be discontinued after the tournament scheduled for 1st half of May 2014, in conjunction with the termination of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

March - 2nd Tournament

Mushrooms on GCN Peach Beach? Ride the trampoline mushrooms and complete three laps in this Time Trial! Automatic drift is recommended!

March - 1st Tournament

Defeat the Goombas as you speed through Mario Circuit. Use all the items on the course to earn the best time. This tournament is for karts only!

February - 2nd Tournament

Pass through the gates in order on GCN DK Mountain! This race is only for Wii Wheels! It's a high-speed adventure, so have fun!

February - 1st Tournament

There's a Time Trial under way in mazelike Delfino Pier. Finding the best route is key, and it might not be the one that's most familiar.

January - 2nd Tournament

Chain Chomps have taken over Rainbow Road in this karts-only Time Trial. Anticipating their movements and avoiding them is the key to a good score.

January - 1st Tournament

Swiftly clear each of the gates in the figure-eight corners of Daisy Circuit. Do you have what it takes to make it through these crazy turns?