Animal Crossing

Limited Time Only! 2012

Notice About Delivery Item

For a limited time only, you can get a letter from Nintendo with an item attached delivered to your town!!!

  • January 1st-30th: Snowman Vanity

  • February 1st-27th: Pavé Clock

  • March 1st-30th: Egg TV

  • April 1st-29th: Sweets Player

  • May 1st-30th: Gracie Dresser

  • June 1st-14th: Creepy Coffin

  • June 16th-29th: Creepy Bat Stone

  • July 1st-14th: Creepy Skeleton

  • July 16th-30th: Creepy Crystal

  • August 1st-14th: Creepy Carpet

  • August 16th-30th: Creepy Stone

  • September 1st-14th: Creepy Statue

  • September 16th-29th: Creepy Cauldron

  • October 1st-14th: Creepy Clock

  • October 16th-30th: Creepy Wallpaper

  • November 1st-29th: Mush Hanger

  • December 1st-30th: Jingle TV

If you've any item once, you can purchase it from Tom Nook's catalog whenever you want.

How Do I Receive Distributed Items?

The power on the Wii can be OFF, just make sure it's plugged in. The Power LED should be orange (in stand-by mode).

Even when you're not playing a game, make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet.

Turn on the WiiConnect24 settings on the Wii that's connected to the Internet.

Turn on the WiiConnect24 feature in the game.

For more details, check the below settings.

First, check your Wii System Settings

Choose Wii Options from the Wii Menu.

Choose Wii Settings.

Choose the right arrow and go to Wii System Settings 2.

Choose WiiConnect24.

Choose WiiConnect24 again.

If it hasn't already been selected, choose On and then choose Confirm.

Next, go to the phone in the attic of your house

Start Animal Crossing: City Folk, pick up the phone in your attic, and choose WiiConnect24.

Make sure that you've opted-in to WiiConnect24. If you haven't, choose to turn it on.

If you are connected correctly...

During the distribution period, a letter and an item from Nintendo will arrive at your house!

Things to be careful of...

At least one person living in your town must have completed their part-time job, gone to the city on the bus, and had a conversation with Rover. *Rover will only appear when the first player in your town heads into the city on the bus.

If your Parental Settings are set to "Restrict online user-to-user communication and the exchange of the user generated content," you will be restricted from this service and will not receive the item.

Each Player can only download each item only once.

You cannot receive letters while you are out visiting a friend or while your gate is open. Please be careful.

You can receive letters even when the power on your Wii is off (in stand-by mode). *You can't receive items when your Wii is unplugged.

In some cases, it will take some time for the letter to be received.

What is WiiConnect24?

WiiConnect24 is a feature of the Wii System that allows it to be connected to the internet 24 hours a day even if the system is in stand-by mode and makes it possible to receive a variety of data and send and receive messages with friends and family.