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A classic Mega Man game, every Thursday in August

Starting on July 31, Nintendo and Capcom will bring you five classic Mega Man games for Virtual Console on the Wii U system! Get your Mega Buster ready for battle, and then download the games—the first one arrives this week!

Mega Man: Battle Network (7/31)

Enter cyberspace to power up Mega Man in this Game Boy Advance classic with a unique battle system.

Mega Man 5

Put a stop to Proto Man’s dangerous schemes in an action-platforming game originally released for NES.

Mega Man 6

Who is the villainous Mr. X? Battle your way through this NES platformer to find out!

Mega Man: Battle Chip Challenge

This follow-up to Mega Man: Battle Network changes up the formula with innovative, turn-based combat.

Mega Man X3

The Maverick Reploids are running wild and causing trouble in this run-and-gun platformer for Super NES. Help Mega Man X and Zero take control of the situation.

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