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Kid Icarus: Uprising - Gameplay Trailer Montage in 3D exclusively on Nintendo eShop - September 27, 2012

Download an exclusive 3D montage of four released Kid Icarus: Uprising gameplay trailers for free on Nintendo eShop! Throughout his epic odyssey, Pit will encounter numerous foes as he ventures through the Underworld and beyond, and in this montage you will discover some of these impressive characters.

The montage will available starting on 9/27/2012, and includes the following trailers:

Hades, Lord of the Underworld

Viridi, Goddess of Nature

Mysterious Invaders

Palutena’s Temple

And starting on 9/30/2012, you will even be able to stream the trailers individually in 3D on Nintendo eShop or in 2D on the official Nintendo YouTube Channel.

Within the game Kid Icarus: Uprising, each chapter delivers nonstop action over land and air. Throughout the game, collect different weapons and determine which is best suited for each battle to fend off enemies, including Medusa and her Underworld Army. Beyond the challenging campaign mode, experience two different multiplayer battle modes where as many as six players with their own systems and Kid Icarus: Uprising game cards can compete against each other in local and online battles* (*Wireless broadband internet access required for online play.)

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