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Watch the new overview trailer for the Paper Mario: Thousand-Year Door game!

The Paper Mario™: The Thousand-Year Door game is a revamp of the classic RPG that features Mario and a whole bunch of other heroic (and sometimes odd) characters. The game comes out on May 23, and has been shined up since the original release on the Nintendo GameCube™ system—please watch the video to see it in action.

You’ll also learn a bit more about:

The characters

Oh, hey look—it’s Mario, Peach, and Bowser. But wait, who are those other oddballs?! Some characters you’ll meet early on are:

Goombella: She’s a cheerful archeologist in the making and one brainy lady. Just how many books has she read? (Answer: a lot)

Koops: He’s a bit fainthearted, but he does find the courage to join Mario on a noble quest. He also has an iconic bandage on his face. Uh, hopefully he changes that out every now and then…

Madame Flurrie: Some say she’s full of hot air, but that might be because she’s a wind spirit.

And that’s just the beginning—you’ll meet many more along the way. Playable characters all have particular things that they’re good at, and you’ll need to swap out your partner based on the situation.

The gameplay

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is an adventurous RPG where you’ll explore a world full of papery secrets. And along the way, you’ll find yourself in a few tussles with baddies—use turn-based attacks and actions to teach them a lesson. During a battle, you’ll also be able to use something called Action Commands, where precise button pressing will increase your moves’ effectiveness. Fans of the Super Mario RPG™ game may feel quite at home with these controls!

There are also many different badges to find, minigames to play, and a crowd of baddies and goodies who can help you out (or hit you with a rock) in battle. You can learn more details by watching the video above.

If you’d like to pre-order the game, please use the link below. Once again, the game comes out on May 23!

*They also may smack you with rocks or cans. Which is much less helpful…