Nintendo Switch

These characters are on a mother level!

Inspirational? Check. Loving? Double check.

We must be talking about some awesome in-game moms!

If you’re looking to celebrate a few motherly characters, take a mom-ment to check out these games.

Rhondson: A Gerudo tailor by trade, Rhondson helped found Tarrey Town with her husband, Hudson. She wants to support her daughter Mattison however she can.

Nyx: Though she’s not Zagreus’ true mother, Nyx loves him as one of her own. The fierce Mother Night offers aid, guidance, and encouraging words to the Prince of the Underworld.

Appears in: Hades

Venba: A wife, mother, and teacher, Venba is a South Indian immigrant who expresses her love by cooking food to connect with her son.

Appears in: Venba

Jorja: An OG stonegrinder, Jorja is tougher than nails and sweeter than pie. She may be retired, but she’s ready to swing a sword to help her sweet, muscly chjipmunk son, Jorjie!

Appears in: Grindstone

Ana: Pharah’s mother and a founding member of Overwatch, Ana uses her skills and expertise to protect her country, family, and closest allies.

Appears in: Overwatch 2

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