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Nintendo Switch Online updates: Here’s what was recently added to the Game Boy and NES collections (and F-Zero 99)!

Looking for some classic gaming? Nintendo Switch Online members have instant access to a large library of Game Boy™, Super NES™, and NES™ games. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members get access to all that and a selection of Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64™, and SEGA Genesis™ games.

All the games listed below can be access with any Nintendo Switch Online membership!

Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online

Castlevania Legends

Released for the Game Boy system in 1998, play as a young Vampire Hunter named Sonia Belmont, who takes the whip her grandfather taught her to use and heads to the castle where Dracula awaits. You can earn Soul Weapons by defeating bosses and use them to progress further into the castle. Activate Burning Mode to become temporarily invincible once per stage, which can help if you find yourself in any desperate situations!

Nintendo Entertainment System– Nintendo Switch Online

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

A mysterious force has begun to take control over Murasame Castle and its lands. Each lord in four neighboring castles has taken possession of a dark sphere of power, allowing them to summon ninja armies and monsters that wreak havoc in the villages. Takamaru, a brave samurai swordsman, has been sent to investigate. He must infiltrate all four castles and defeat the lords before making his way to Murasame Castle. Using sword and shuriken attacks, unlock the secret source of evil!


You play heroic dragon Tamagon, who must defeat evil by navigating a maze with multiple types of challenges—including collecting boa-boa dots and destroying enemies with fire breath. But keep an eye on the devil at the top of the screen as you go! He'll instruct his minions to move the maze in random directions, trying to squash Tamagon within its walls.

F-Zero 99™

A second free update was added a couple weeks ago to the F-ZERO 99 game. Line up on five additional tracks as part of King League:

  • Mute City III

  • Fire Field (Grand Prix only)

  • Red Canyon II (Pro Tracks and Mini Prix only)

About the game

Active Nintendo Switch Online members can race to the finish line against 98 other players in F-ZERO 99—at no additional cost. Choose your machine and line up in this thrilling take on the original Super NES game. Defend yourself with a Spin Attack and collect Super Sparks to breeze past the competition on the elevated Skyway.

Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required to access the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online and Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online collection of games. Paid Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack required to play the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online, Game Boy Advance – Nintendo Switch Online and SEGA Genesis – Nintendo Switch Online collections of games, and to access the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass, Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise and Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC at no additional cost. Membership auto-renews after initial term at the then-current price unless canceled. Persistent Internet, compatible smartphone and Nintendo Account age 13+ required to access some online features on the app, including voice chat. Data charges may apply. Online features, Save Data Cloud and Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app features available in compatible games. Not available in all countries. The Nintendo Account User Agreement, including the Purchase and Subscription terms, apply. nintendo.com/switch/online

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