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Dive into some tips for Endless Ocean Luminous!

The Endless Ocean™ Luminous game is all about gentle exploration as you take in the calming vibes of the ocean. You’ll be scanning and learning about fish, uncovering lost salvage, and customizing your diver’s outfit. And you can do it with other divers* from all over the world!

To get the most out of your undersea voyage, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Scan as much as you can

Scanning creatures that have a blue shimmer will help gather light and help your overall point total. These points help unlock different colors, emotes, and stickers for your diver.

You start your scan by holding down the L Button and then can sweep your viewpoint around to scan more creatures at the same time. Once your scanning circle fills completely, you’ll enter a zoomed-in view, where you can cycle through all the fish you scanned.

Tip: While the zoomed-in view is nice to check your scans, it can take some time away from swimming. Try pressing the B Button before the circle fills to collect light without pausing your movement. Just know that you won’t catalog unknown fish this way!

Another tip: While you’re in that zoomed-in view, look at the bottom left corner for an orange dot or question mark. This means that you scanned something notable—scroll on down to see what it is!

Going on a salvage hunt

Finding salvage is another way to earn points. As you’re swimming, you may see a glint on the floor with bubbles coming out of it. You may also see strange relics that can be investigated as well. Swim over to find out what it is!

As you’re treasure hunting, pay attention to the little circle on the top right of your screen. This little indicator will start to flash yellow when you are headed towards salvage. Move forward while this light is flashing to track it down.

Tip: To pick up salvage, just float over it and hold down the A Button when you see the prompt. The longer it takes to pick up, the more valuable the item is!

Working (and swimming) together

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, try out Shared Dives to playing with others. Some benefits include:

  • There are many bonuses for helping each other. Quickly gain points by working towards a common goal of scanning and exploring—the game rewards this kind of cooperation!

  • Tag rare creatures and salvage to help other players find them. And if you come across a tag icon you don’t have, scanning or picking up the tagged item will give you that icon too. For this reason, try to use a variety of different tags when you tag stuff!

  • The unknown parts of the map will fill out faster when multiple people are exploring at the same time. When 80% of the map is completed, the game will automatically uncover the rest. If this happens, you’ll be given a code at the end of the Shared Dive—you can use this code to revisit this area in a Solo Dive!

Tip: Once you come across another player (and temporarily become Dive Buddies with them), you will be able to travel instantly to their location by selecting that player from your map screen. This is very handy when you’re searching for UML. Speaking of…

Searching for UML

While there are many rare and interesting creatures to find, Unidentified Marine Life (or UML) take an extra step to coax out. When you’re on a shared or solo dive, you may end up scanning creatures with a strange biometric signature. This will start a priority mission where you need to scan other anomalous creatures. Keep in mind that:

  • The dot in the middle of your screen will start to flash orange when you’re getting close to one of the targets. If your controller has a rumble feature, it may rumble as well!

  • Orange circles will appear on your map and mark the general area where these creatures are swimming. Note that these circles only appear on explored regions of your map. (So, keep exploring!)

Once you scan all the anomalous fish, the UML will finally appear. Now head to the giant orange circle on your map and try to scan this special creature!

OK, that’s all for now. If you’d like to buy Endless Ocean Luminous, please visit the My Nintendo Store.

*Any Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. Membership auto-renews after initial term at the then-current price. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. https://nintendo.com/switch/online