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Nintendo Switch

Toasterball + Buissons Bundle

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Enjoy two couch games with this bundle!

A multiplayer sports game… with toasters!

Toasterball is a multiplayer physics-based sports game, quick to learn and perfect for good old game nights on a couch with friends (1-4 players local multiplayer). Because you are playing as toasters, you can naturally expect some chaotic physics, random situations, electrical hazard, and more burnt toasts than you can ever imagine. There is also a real learning curve, with pro moves and enough gameplay variants to keep on surprising you for hours.

The game includes 24 gameplay variants, 5 unique arenas, 14 legendary athletes to play as, AI toasters and a ton of options to customize your matches.
Take control of a bush in Buissons and challenge your friends in a hide and seek game up to 4 players.

Move when the night is dark and use the day as an opportunity to observe and flush out your opponents. Use the secrets of nature to your advantage and prepare for surprises: each game comes with a new forest of its own. Only one bush will survive... And do not forget to drop a fart from time to time, after all it's a lethal weapon.

You and your friends will laugh!
- A unique hide and seek game mixing action, observation and humor.
- Easy to play, there is only one button to fart. But only the most observants will win!
- Charming characters and settings, drawn and animated by hand
- Buissons is a 2 to 4 players competitive local game."

Software description provided by the publisher.

Product information

Release date

November 30, 2023


Game file size

1.3 GB