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Nintendo Switch

The Mole Hole

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A DLC game mode for DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: The Dark Prince.

The Mole Hole is a special dungeon that allows you to scout monsters that you've already befriended once before. The dungeon is divided up so that only monsters of a specific rank will appear. For example, the Rank F Level features only Rank F monsters, and the Rank B Level contains only monsters from Rank B. Furthermore, the Large Level and Small Level have only large- and small-sized monsters respectively.

The Mole Hole provides ample opportunity to reunite easily with monsters that only appear during specific seasons or weather conditions, and even those that can only otherwise be obtained via synthesis. So use your show of force to full effect, or hope monsters join you of their own volition after battle, and grow your roster.

(Includes the 'Cake-Maker's Clobber' outfit.)

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Release date

December 1, 2023


ESRB rating

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3 MB