Nintendo Direct 6.18.2024

Nintendo Direct Spotlight

The Bros. Are Back!

Set off on a seafaring adventure in a brand-new entry in the Mario & Luigi series

The Hour of Awakening Draws Near…

Experience an iconic RPG, remade in HD-2D

The Fate of Hyrule Is in Zelda's Hands

Use her wisdom to save the kingdom in The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

Samus Aran is back!

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2025

Nintendo Direct Headlines

Bring the Championships Home

Take on over 150 speedrunning challenges from across 13 NES games

The Final Battle Is About to Begin

Engage in real-time magic battles and relive the excitement of FAIRY TAIL's Alvarez Empire arc

Embark on a Multi-Dimensional Journey

FANTASIAN comes to Nintendo Switch

This Update's a Real Slam Dunk!

Basketball is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports as a free update

Your Memories, Their Journey

Explore a mesmerizing sci-fi world in MIO: Memories In Orbit

An Array of Cartoon Classics

Cozy up with these cartoony capers!

Raise Your Own Monster Army...

…and command them in fast-paced battles to end the hostile Magus's reign

The King of the Kongs Returns!

Make your way through 80 a-peel-ing levels to recover your precious banana hoard

Let's Have Some "Fun"ko

Unbox the universe with over 60 characters from more than 20 movies and TV shows

A Spooky, Silly, and Strategic Smorgasbord

It’s a party platter of games!

More Classic Titles Are Here

Play four newly added games with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership…today!

Set Sail to Save the Day

Assemble a phantom crew and sail the seas in this turn-based strategy RPG

I Wanna Take You for a Ride

Seven arcade games featuring MARVEL and CAPCOM characters fight their way onto Nintendo Switch as one collection

A Jam-Packed Jamboree

The latest entry in the Mario Party series has new boards and more minigames than ever before

Party On with Just Dance 2025 Edition

Get your friends and family together and dance to 40 hot new songs

A New LEGO Adventure on the Horizon

Explore the world of Horizon, recreated in LEGO bricks

Your Journey Home Begins...

Take on the role of a stray cat lost in a futuristic cybercity as you work to find your way home

Welcome Home, Hobbit!

Live the ideal Hobbit life in this cozy life sim set in the world of The Lord of the Rings

Investigate. Interrogate. Checkmate.

Pursue the truth when courtroom drama meets crime scene investigation

Extreme Meets Despair

Defend a school for 100 days in a new adventure from the creators of Danganronpa

Embark on a SaGa Spanning Generations

Challenge the fallen Seven Heroes in a full remake of Romancing SaGa 2