Initiatives for diversity through Employee Resource Groups

At Nintendo of America, we have established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to drive initiatives that encourage mutual understanding and fellowship among our employees. These groups promote employees coming together based on their shared backgrounds, experiences and interests, and support activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

We have spotlighted the achievements and efforts of two such ERGs below.

B@ND (Black at Nintendo Dialogue) is a welcoming place of fellowship that brings focus to the African American experience where employees can engage, learn and support the diverse community of black and brown employees at Nintendo of America and outside the company. B@ND is committed to elevating awareness and promoting inclusivity through community outreach, employee engagement and talent acquisition. In FY 2022, B@ND achieved this through Black History Month and Juneteenth celebrations which were focused on community, culture and the impact African American cuisine has had on the culinary arts.

Nintendo Women and Allies is focused on supporting, elevating, and celebrating women through meaningful connections, learning and development, and providing an important perspective across our business. In FY 2022, the ERG participated in an online panel discussion that included leaders of women-focused ERGs across the gaming industry. To commemorate Women’s History Month, the Nintendo Women and Allies ERG hosted a discussion between women in leadership who share information about their own careers at Nintendo of America and thoughts on leadership and growth.