The earth's cans have been brought to life by the Cannoids, an alien race bent on destroying the planet. Only Mack, the sharp-shooting recyclist from Plant 530, can save the day. Get ready for guided first-person shooting with a twist, only on the WiiWare service!

Take control of your trusty recycle cannon, and blast through an armada of moving cans. As you take out cans, use your cannon to vacuum up the can energy left behind. Every shot depletes your energy, so keep using that vacuum—but don't let it overheat! It's a constant balancing act as you rid the world of deadly cans, conserve energy, and aim for the high score—all with your Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers!

Game Details

Official Genre: Shooter

Players: 1 (single player)

ESRB Rating: E10+ with Fantasy Violence

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Intelligent Systems

Wii Points: 1000

Release Date: 12/21/2009

Compatible with Wii Zapper Accessory