You must clear the stage by going through a fixed number of gaps in a limited amount of time. As you clear stages, more stages will become available to you to select the next time you play.

Get your keydron through as many gaps as you can and aim for a high score—there is no time limit. The game ends when you run out of keydrons.

Trick Challenge
It's not enough to merely slip through the gaps; you must perform a trick at each gap. Also, there is a boss wall at the end of each level—get past it to proceed to the next level. If you can't complete a trick or if your keydron runs into the wall, the game ends.

You can learn more about the game modes, controls, and techniques to get a higher score in the Keydron Tutorial. Select the topic you want to learn more about and then any of the lessons in the topic. When you complete a lesson, a checkmark will appear next to the lesson.

Record your scores and compete with the world!

When you achieve a high score, connect to the Internet through your Wii console to post it in the world rankings and see how you rank against others.

Instructions for Downloading ThruSpace